COME ON YOU FUCKERS is a project by artist Rowan Smith and composer Ingrid Lee. It is a solo piano transcription of a guitar smashing.
It was recently made into a 7″ vinyl recording/publication designed by David Karwan and Isaac Berenson, including texts written by Rowan Smith, Ingrid Lee, Jen Hutton, Michael Molitch-hou, Linda Stupart, and Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal.

“COME ON YOU FUCKERS” as a title is derivative of street vernacular; argot that appears familiar, but holds no direct reference. It is a generalized call to action, which in this case, is empty of both content and meaning. The lack of subject and agency in this title alludes to the contemporary climate of commodified rebellion, which is symptomatic of middle class complacency within a post-counter-cultural milieu. We find a representation of this attitude in the gesture of smashing a guitar, a gesture of protest which, through repetition and commodification, has become void of meaning.

This project is premised by two primary interests. The first centers around translation as a methodology, both in terms of illuminating content and as a generative practice that reveals something other that is not necessarily present in the original. The second concerns the vocabulary of rebellion which has become commodified within a pop-cultural paradigm. What then has replaced this vocabulary of a counter-cultural alternative? How does one resist what is socially or politically normative once the visual language and codes of resistance have been co-opted by a capitalist system?